Day Care Services

Magnolia Day School of Palm Harbor, FL accepts children from infancy (3-5 months) to five years, as well as Voluntary Pre Kindergarten (VPK) students.

Our dedicated team offers full time and part time care for all age groups. Magnolia Day School of Palm Harbor understands the needs of every family and makes flexibility and custom education a goal, which is why we offer before and after care for VPK students and even tailor the curriculum to each of the age groups we work with.

This is not a babysitting service. Magnolia Day School is a child care and education service, where our teachers take pride in helping students develop life and school skills. Our team meets this goal with our state-of-the-art facilities, including Palm Harbor, designed to ensure the highest level of security, safety, education, affordability, and environment.

Includes children 3-12 months in age. The Infant program is designed to meet the physical, emotional, and educational needs of children in this age group.

By adhering to strict teacher-to-infant ratios our team can ensure that each child receives the proper amount of attention. Our teaching curriculum also includes the documentation of each of your child’s milestones to track and develop their education properly.

Includes children 1-2 years in age. The Toddlers program has been built for a toddlers education, by understanding that each toddler progresses at their own rate. Our caregivers and teachers work to promote developmental milestones at a faster pace. Along with the focused curriculum, Magnolia Day School helps toddlers learn through playing and “doing.” At this age, toddlers are curious and most tend to learn and develop through their own actions.

Two & Three Year-Olds
Includes children 2-3 years in age. Repetition and small and large group play settings are two major elements that help two year-olds learn. Your child is learning to do things on their own while building social skills at the same time. Our teachers and caregivers spend a large amount of time teaching children to vocalize their needs using their words. By the age of three, most children start communicating more extensively. Alongside our Daffer Curriculum, three year-olds also begin Character Education.

Four year-olds & VPK
Includes children 4-5 years in age. The Voluntary Pre Kindergarten (VPK) program offers a regular routine of themes that our students learn about throughout each school year. This program also includes 540 instructional hours, which are approved by the Early Learning Coalition. The primary goal of this program is to prepare students for Kindergarten.

Safety is our top priority. Every building at Magnolia Day School conforms to the latest building codes & Pinellas County Licensing Board standards. We have installed top of the line fire and smoke detection systems in each facility that are regularly monitored, and ensure that all classrooms offer direct access to the outdoors to expedite any situation where evacuation is necessary.

To further ensure security, Magnolia Day School has a single door digital entry system that provides the school with detailed information about any person who enters the building. Secure key cards are given to all parents and all staff.

Developing Minds
Child care is much more than selecting someone who can watch your child when you are not able to or at work. Child care is about developing young minds and preparing them for life and for the future.

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